We keep a range of consumable products and, if necessary, we can source other products to meet your needs. Book a free consultation with our team of experts, so you can make an informed decision and procure the exact type and quantity of product you require.

Surgical Gloves

As an industry leader with over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing surgical gloves, we’re constantly developing our surgical glove portfolio to provide protection, performance and a range of styles tailored to each surgeon's unique needs.

Examination Gloves

Our selection of clinically-proven, industry-leading examination gloves are strong, comfortable and minimise reactions to sensitive skin. Both our Latex and Nitrile gloves meet industry-leading Acceptance Quality Levels.


Our extensive portfolio of consumable products includes premium products at competitive prices. Through expert sourcing and manufacturing, we can provide for almost the entire spectrum of patient needs.

The following categories form part of our medical and surgical consumable range:

Urology and Catheters

Airway Management

Gastroenterology Tubes

Parenteral Setts

Needles and Lancets


Protective Wear

Silicone and PVC Tubing

Surgical Sundries

Personal Protective Equipment