We approach disease across Africa like a clinician, with a comprehensive array of effective, affordable products to address the most acute diseases and health risks. In addition, we give back to local communities through regular CME activities and workshops for medical-care providers, who, in turn, educate their patients.

African regulatory standards are quickly catching up to the rest of the world. To keep up in this dynamic, complex environment, we’ve developed a skilled team of regulatory pharmacists.

Esteem Care

At Esteem Care, we prioritise the dignity and wellbeing of our patients of all ages. We specialise in the treatment of psychiatric, psychological and addictive conditions including anxiety, mild psychosis, mood disorders, addiction and depression. Together, our expert mental healthcare professionals offer a safe, comfortable inpatient environment.

HIV/AIDS The Burden Of Disease In Africa

The scourge of HIV/AIDS and the inherent opportunistic infections, e.g., TB and malaria, and neoplastic growths that follow, have burdened poverty-stricken nations with far-reaching financial and social costs. But there is hope. We have six potent tools to win the fight:


HIV/AIDS Chemical Prevention


HIV/AIDS Physical Prevention


Anti-Cancer Treatment


Heart Disease and Diabetes Treatment


Malaria Treatment


Education and Advocacy