Our Passion for knowledge in Africa


Healthcare Training

IThe Avacare Health Group is proud to work closely with Intellectus Campus, a rising leaders in healthcare training and education throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Through its association with Intellectus Campus, the Group will invest in fulfilling its ambition of bring the required medical skills and expertise to Africa, and ensure that education and skills development in Africa continues to grow. The training currently specialises in the design, development and delivery of high quality interactive competency-based training for sales and marketing individuals in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, Intellectus Campus is accredited in South Africa by Chieta (Chemical Industries Sector Education and Training Authority) as a provider along with their Training Programmes and Facilitators, Assesors as well as Moderators.

Additionally the training facilities offer e-learning and blended learning platforms that allow for training to take place at a time convenient for the student, under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Intellectus Campus, along with its subsidiary, The Smart Group look forward to maintaining excellent standards and delivering quality Healthcare education across the African continent. Contact us for more info

Skills development in Africa

Intellectus Campus recognises the various challenges associated with developing and uplifting employees in order to produce a meaningful contribution to the business. With that in mind, we realise that crafting value is the pinnacle to defining our destiny and growth.

Africa will not be able to uplift itself without adequate skills development, particularly within the Healthcare industry, Thus Avacare Health aspires to assist in that regard to the farthest extent possible. Whether it is through one-on-one interactions with medical practitioners, CME workshops, e-learning platforms or associated training colleges, Avacare Health will be partnering with Africa every step of the way!